Smith Optics Teamshoot 2011

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For its third time the Smith Optics teamshoot took place at the wonderful Val Senales glacier. Back with the team in the Bella Vista house with jaccuzi, amazing view over the mountain and a lot of good food. And this time we got the good weather with us as you can see.


                             Here you can see the voting of mister Smith 2011, The judges had a hard desicion to make.



So we stayed one week up in the mountains to film for the upcoming Smith DVD. We got some really nice sessions up there. It was pretty nice for us, because we were the only people there, the resort just closed the day before. So we got sleds and a snowcat to shuttel the riders.

And for sure the most amazing parkcrew in the alps, the F-Tech crew did again an incredible job!! There is definitely no better summerpark in the alps, the shape of the obstacles is so perfect and for sure they do the best BBC! Thanks for that guys! I hope to see you next year again.

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