Nine Knights 2010

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Back in 1530, when the castle grew bigger then you can even imagine and the noble knights fought against the dragons to impress the beautiful princess or something like that. It´s not exactly like this but when you see that obstacle you definitely will feel send back in time. Nico and his crew built  one of the most unusual big air jumps and they did it well. The kicker looks like a castle with a tower, a rail looking like an axe and two bridges for the inrun. The location is Oberstdorf, Nebelhorn in Germany and the knights, the best freeskiers were invited to defeat the castle.

This event is probably the most special one of the season. The atmosphere is just great, everything is well organized and the rider were so happy to hit the great set-up and everybody was so relaxed as it would just be a session with your friends and not a competition.

The most exhausting but active day was from wendnesday to Thursday. Starting with the sunsetshoot, short break for diner then the nightshoot. Some hours of sleep on the mountain and then came the last part. The super nice sunriseshoot. Such a great session!!

After this everybody had to relax. But not that long because at midday it was time for the unforgetable dodgeball invitational. For this all the teams had trained for a long long time. Of course the dresses were a highlight for it self.

For the next day, it was time for the competition. All the riders were so motivated and demonstrated their skills. From smooth inverted 360 to dub 10s every trick were shown.

The craziest trick on that day was shown by teddybear, who did the highest and farest superman frontflip I ever seen. Nothing special if he wouldn´t had shown this naked…

But the win went to the most impressive rider. He shown the most stylish and hardest tricks. And he was the only one hitting the axe rail. His name is Markus Eder from Italy. He came to this event as the wanna be a knight but ended up as the KING, always with a smile on his face. Congratulation!!

All in all this was just again a perfect event. Nico and his team did a great job. Everybody enjoyed the days in Oberstdorf and hopefully everybody is back again in 2011!!



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