Mirco Extreme 2010

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Freestyle.ch needs no explanation, the first come-together of the ski and snowboard scene year for year. Super high level freestyle action at an amazing location next to the zurich lake.
The skiers, snowboarders, skaters and FMXers show why their sport is called kind of extreme. But this year there was an additional sport. Micro scooter, more famous for lazy kids or business men on the run.
But what this kids trough down was kind of impressive. Wipes, flips and double cork were just some of the tricks to name. It´s definitely no boring sport, more than just a side event at the freestyle.ch.
More than 100 rider from all over europe came down to the Landiwiese to go for their probably biggest jump ever. Pretty scary inrun but the landing soft enough for a first backflip attempt.
So after this week-end you can say that this is a potential sport, and a lot of kids will follow doing this sport.








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