Les 2 Alpes

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After we had to wait so long for better and warmer weather, we got it! And already after some days some  couldn´t wait that it´s getting a bit colder again. But honestly it´s really a bit to hot if you can´t just lay at the beach or go swimming somewhere. So I was glad to go to Les 2 Alpes to film with the rest of the Smith riders.
And it was on the one hand way more comfortable with the weather and on the other hand we got some cool shots. Staying for 5 days I got time to film with Kevin Rolland, Mario Käppeli and Simon Gruber. The park in les 2 Alpes is quite huge. So many rails and jumps, two pipes and a cool quarter with a channel. So there was a lot of stuff to do.
And when it was getting to hot even on the glacier there was a lot to do in the city. Biking, Swimming or just having a cold drink. Just perfect when it´s so hot.







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