Jib-Vid 2010

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Given 28 hours with 2 of your friends in one of Europe's top resorts, could you create a 2-minute short film that showcases amazing riding, arty shots and an interesting storyline? That's the challenge 18 teams will face as they take to the slopes of Mayrhofen this March for the sixth edition of Europe's premier riding and filming contest, the Oakley Jib-Vid...

With all this and more, Mayrhofen was the place to be from 17-19th March.


The standard of filming, editing and riding in every single film was absolutely incredible this year and it was amazing to be part of this! I just had a great time filming  with my two riders, Matthias Vogt and André Kuhlmann. Great experience!
Hopefully next year again...

Jib-Vid 2010

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